Prism’s Cabin Fever RN

Macon Free Baiting

Macon is named for our cabin in Macon County, TN. She’s as relaxed as being named for a weekend vacation spot would imply. Her sire, Gunner, was a lovely dog who produced many amazing offspring and she’s the product of a frozen semen breeding. Macon likes the ducks, swims when she gets a chance to sneak into the pool and as a young dog was one of those great puppies that offers behaviors every time she thought she could get a treat. Sit? no, well, how about down? no, how about sitting in heel position- will that get me a treat? It’s still comedic watching her run through her skills! Macon is a quiet, easy to live with girl.

She earned her first obedience title at the tender age of 6 months at the Perry, GA shows and has lots in her future.

Macon puppy
Macon field training
Macon coming front