CH Prism’s Gin Fizz Over Ice JH RN VC

Fizz stacked at a show

Fizz is daughter to Molly Bloom bred to frozen Trouble semen. See Bourbon’s page for the long story!

Fizz’s name was last to be decided on between her sibs, and finally one day I was in the doctor’s office flipping through a magazine when I saw a recipe for a drink I’d forgotten existed. Fizz was named! As it happens, she actually prefers scotch to gin, but that’s another story…

She is one of two girls from the litter, and is one of the easiest, smartest and most correct girls we’ve had. Miss Fizz is such a joy to live with.

Prim's Fizz stacked
Fizz swimming as a puppy
Fizz retrieving a bird
Fizz 11 months old head shot
Robin showing Fizz in Rally
Prism's Fizz 3rd Stacked Photo