CH Prism’s Hear it in the Deep Heart’s Core CD RN JH VC

prism golden retrievers edward

Edward is a truly versatile dog- he excels in every venue and is a wonderful house dog as well. We’re trying to teach him to work the pool vac so he can earn his keep while he’s swimming!  Ed is OFA EXCELLENT, normal elbows, eyes examined yearly with no breeder’s options and heart good to go. Edward is DNA clear for ichthyosis and PRA, and he has complete dentition.  He is clean coming and going, has beautiful side gait, a beautiful headpiece, and enthusiasm galore. He finished his AKC Championship with a 4 point major, giving him a total of 17 points, and that CH made his dam, Gypsy (Prism’s Journey to Dustrax, CD RE JH WC CCA) a GRCA Outstanding Dam!


People always ask about his name. It comes from William Butler Yeats’ 1893 poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”, which describes Yeats’ imaginings of a simple life of tranquility- his small cabin “of clay and wattles made” and beehives, nine bean-rows and the isolation of life in the constant resonance of nature- bees in the glade, cricket songs, and the evening sounds full of linnet’s wings…quite seductive until the end of what is may be one of his most enduring poems- when he jolts the reader back by stating his reality – real day to day life- and says (of his imagined simple glade life), 

‘I hear it in the deep heart’s core’.


Ed is like that quote- he is a happy, happy dog. He is joyous and happy, whether the real world intrudes or not- for him, there is always something to be upbeat about. And fun, fun, fun! This boy is ready to play, work, whatever- he’s up for it. When we were living on deep water, he loved his time with the migrating cranes and many ducks and those annoying non-migrating gulls and geese as they pass through. Training field work was fun for him, since he actually got to retrieve the bird instead of watch it fly off when he hit the water. He lives with Maxie most of the time, and is a fine host to the myriad foster cats and dogs that regain health and vitality in her care and by his entertainment. Ed shares well and has never met a creature he did not get along with.

prism golden retrievers edward swimming
prism golden retrievers maxie showing edward to best of breed
prism golden retrievers edward retrieving a duck
prism golden retrievers edward winners dog under judge robey handled by clint livingston
prism golden retrievers edward retrieving another duck
prism golden retrievers edward water entry