Older Puppies

prism golden retrievers older puppy available photo
prism golden retrievers older puppy retrieving a duck

We occasionally have dogs or puppies that we are growing out and training, helping to become all they can be. We always have inquiries from homes not interested in going through the nighttime waking, crate training, and beginning stages of molding of a puppy into a companion. Sometimes homes want a started puppy to continue training with as their personal service dog or as a service companion for a child.

There are several different kinds of service dogs including guide dogs, hearing dogs, PTSD dogs, mobility dogs, alert dogs, psychiatric service dogs, and autism dogs. There are other types of dogs with jobs that help people, including therapy dogs and emotional support animals, and oftentimes people who are hoping to use a dog in this way do not have the resources to do the early training work and beginnings of house training and crate training.

The puppies we are growing out are sleeping through the night, are crate trained and are started on housetraining. They have been temperament tested and we choose a puppy to grow out based on many things not limited to activity level, problem solving, and general temperament. Generally, they would make excellent therapy dogs with the training and manners they develop during their early weeks away from the litter. Prices are based on age and training level, and typically will be between $5000-$8000.

All of our puppies are a part of our home- they, like our show dogs, are given daily combing & brushing, weekly bathing, grooming & nail trims and good manners are taught as we go through our days together. The puppies we choose to grow out are taken on many car rides, are accustomed to leash work and are very well socialized with children and other pets, such as dog friendly cats. The puppy we will grow out will be resilient, forgiving, and easy to live with.

He or she will give the right family a ‘jump-start’ on whatever position the dog will grow into!