Junior Handling

maxie winning best junior handler at the greenville show with buffet the alaskan malamute
prism golden retrievers maxie takes best junior handler with jake
Jake and Maxie winning Best Junior Handler in Salem, VA
jake Shih Tzu
I am showing my other Jake. I have a Shih Tzu named Jake (Anjuli's Luck Dragon) First time Jake was in a ring and we took BJH! Thanks to Mrs. Betty Abbott
Here are Maxie and Bess at the Sandlapper Golden Retriever Club Specialty where they won Best Junior Handler.

Maxie ended her Juniors career with many, many Best Junior awards, as well as being nominated for and winning the GRCA Junior Achievement Award. She was top-ranked Junior in several breeds, in the Top 20 Working Group, and with several years of giving back to the sport by teaching classes in handling to other aspiring juniors, she has left a mark. Her first show at the tender age of 10 had what every mother hates to see their child walk in Novice Junior with- an entry of 5, knowing there are only 4 ribbons. Maxie’s comment as she left the ring in 5th position was ‘someone had to lose’ and we hope she has been able to impart that good attitude to every kid she taught over the years. She rarely was out of the ribbons- and her wonderful spirit has led her to lasting peer friendships that will see her into old age.

Here are Maxie and Bess at the 2006 Westminster Dog Show. While they didn't make finals, it was an incredible experience to walk onto that green carpet and compete with the cream of the crop.
maxie winning best junior handler with buffet the alaskan malamute