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prism golden retrievers robin and maxie

We are located in Ocala, FL after many years in Chattanooga, TN and are enjoying the wonderful lack of any real winters here!

We are personally active in many areas of dog sport: AKC conformation, obedience, Rally, AKC and UKC hunt tests, and GRCA Working Certificate and Working Certificate Excellent testing, as well as being huge fans of GRCA’s Certificate of Conformation Assessment (CCA) program. I am a CGC Evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen program as well and can provide testing most any day, just drop me an email and we’ll test your dog!

Our Junior Showmanship days are over, but we are very proud to have taught many wonderful young handlers, and are proud that we have been able to have a positive influence on so many kids.

We believe a balanced Golden has titles on each end of his/her name, and we also believe a Golden has an innate need to do a job. To that end, it is always the goal for our dogs to attain the GRCA Versatility Certificate (VC) after their names, which requires at least one major title and accomplishments in all three venues- conformation, field and performance.

prism goldens edward retrieving duck
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Prism Golden Retrievers Puppies edward and chumley
maxie and kiss

We are dedicated to producing quality Golden Retrievers, with an emphasis on correct temperament, correct structure, and lifelong health. Our breeding arose as a consequence of our desire to be the breeder of the wonderful dogs we so enjoy showing!

We are very proud of our small but successful breeding program.

Our dogs all possess every clearance required by the GRCA Code of Ethics: hip, elbow, cardiac done by a cardiologist and current eye exams. We have invested as well in DNA testing for our breeding dogs for conditions such as prcd/PRA and ichthyosis. These are simple recessives and can be eliminated with selective breeding.

We offer stud service to select bitches who possess all the COE clearances and whose pedigrees are complementary.

It is always our intent to bring to the future a better dog, to improve on what we have, and to conduct ourselves with the utmost in ethical behavior in all things. The Breed Standard as well as the breed purpose is the guideline we use in any litter we produce.

We will have puppies in the summer of 2022. Please touch base with Mid-FL GRC puppy referral for approved breeder names/contact info and realize these are unprecedented times and a wait is almost certain no matter where you find your next puppy. A second litter in 2022 is not yet confirmed.

We usually have a list of folks waiting for our versatile and beautiful puppies, and getting on a list early – whether with us or with another breeder- allows you and the breeder to get to know each other and feel comfortable with your choice of what will be a lifelong relationship.

Prism Golden Retrievers at the GRCA National
Prism Golden Retriever's stud dog, GCH Prism’s Night Moves RN WC VC OS aka Hudson swimming with a bird in his mouth
Sweet photo of Robin hugging Hudson.